Sara al Amoudi. Image:Times photographer, Chris Harris

Sara al Amoudi. Image:Times photographer, Chris Harris

Sarah Al Amoudi, the self proclaimed Saudi princess who is being sued by former associates for £14 million , was accused of faking a ridiculous accent  while giving evidence in  High Court yesterday.

Al Amoudi  is accused by Amanda Clutterbuck, 56 and  her boyfriend Ian Paton, 45 of tricking them into transferring 6 prime London properties worth millions of pounds into her name at nominal cost, the telegraph reported.

The couple claim that she posed as the daughter of a powerful and wealthy Saudi sheikh – while the fact was that she was an Ethiopian former prostitute who tried to pull off a fraud by adopting the royal guise.

Barrister for Ms Clutterbuck and Mr Paton, Stuart Cakebread, accused her of even faking her accent in court for the benefit of the judge.

Usually arriving at court in a Rolls-Royce Phantom with “HRH” registration plates, Miss Al Amoudi, earlier told the court in evidence that she had handed large sums of money to Mr Paton, but was not returned it.

She claimed with limited reading and writing skills and no bank account, she had come to trust Mr Paton with increasing amounts of money. She also claims to have had a long-lasting affair with Mr Paton.

Miss Al Amoudi also claimed that  she could not reveal the name of her husband, because it might put her in danger.

Mr Cakebread told the London court that it was all a farrago of lies to cover up the truth and “the most preposterous nonsense.”  Mr Paton has denied having an affair with Miss Al Amoudi.