Sim cardThe sale of SIM cards without providing an ID proof is prevalent in Saudi, reported Arab News.

All the major telecom providers in the kingdom require SIM card buyers to submit the Iqama number as the proof of identity of the buyer. However, street vendors sell SIM cards without asking for ID proofs despite strict regulations.

As per the rules, customers must provide an ID proof for buying or recharging SIM cards, a measure that was introduced to prevent criminal activities. According to the new report, the comments of the telecom companies could not be obtained.

The SIM card vendors arrange for ID proofs for SIM cards bought with the buyer’s Iqama number. However, SIM card buyers can provide their own Iqama number if they want to. One street vendor, Abdul Rahman said, “Those who want to register their SIM cards in their name can do so, but if someone doesn’t have an ID or doesn’t want to buy the SIM on his ID, we can provide the person with a SIM card without any problem,” as quoted in Arab News.

The vendor went on to add that there was no danger of being caught when using SIM cards bought in the manner.