batha border trafficMotorists were reportedly held up for to 6 hours to pass the Bat’ha border cross to enter the kingdom during the holiday weekend, according to Al Arabiya.  Vehicle inspection procedures at Ghuwaifat, the UAE side took about 1 hour and the remaining 5 hours was spent at Bat’ha, the Saudi side.

The border cross officials said that over 60,000 vehicles passed the border during the weekend. The number is, however, lower than that experienced the previous year. The officials said that the border crossing point utilized maximum resources to speed up the transit process. The delay was mainly caused by the increased traffic due to the Eid holidays. On regular days, travelers can cross borders in less than 2 hours.

The average time to cross the Salwa border point, the entry point to Qatar was around two hours.  Al-Khafji border, the entry point to Kuwait did not see a rise in the number of vehicles during the recent holidays. However, it still took about three hours during peak hours to cross the border.

(Image courtesy: Al Arabiya News)