nitaqat (1)Even as the deadline for the visa regularization drive is fast approaching, expatriates are working day and night to make the compensatory amount of 5000 riyals that is to be paid to their sponsors for transferring sponsorship.

Unfortunately, some sponsors are taking advantage of this situation, according to Al Arabiya. They are forcing the workers to cough up more money, while others are creating more problems for the workers by tearing up their passports and falsely reporting that workers have escaped.

Still others are adding to the woes of the workers by leaving the country. Even so, the city of Riyadh had announced assistance and exemptions to expatriates who want to regularize their visa status.

According to Dr Abdulaziz Al-Zeer, a social and Islamic researcher, the visa irregularities are caused by sponsors who bring expats, employ them without following rules and then ask them to pay large compensatory amounts that the workers can’t afford.  He added that such actions from the sponsors’ side is against Islam.