stabs teacherA high school student stabbed one of his teachers in the head and neck Wednesday morning because the teacher had filed a complaint against the student after catching him cheating in an exam.

While supervising a literature exam in Al-Khan high school in al-Ihsaa, Eastern Saudi Arabia, the teacher noticed  that one student was acting suspiciously.

Inspite of being given a warning, the student continued with his activity which drove the teacher to file a complaint that the student was attempting to cheat during the exam.

According to Sabq news, the student afterwards waited for the teacher to leave the classroom and followed him. He stabbed him several times on the head and neck using his pen. Other teachers who happened to be near the scene stopped the student and took the teacher to the hospital.

Security authorities that were summoned to the school arrested the student and transported him to the police station to complete the criminal proceedings against him.