whatsappThe supervision team of an examination session in a high school in the Saudi capital of Riyadh was able to thwart a cheating attempt through ‘Whatsapp’ by a number of students in their final year.

Apparently the class topper wanted to help his fellow classmates by sending them the answers to the Math test via the application  Whatsapp. He took a picture of his exam sheet after he had answered all the questions and sent it through Whatsapp on his phone. However the teachers supervising the exam caught him in his act and confiscated his exam paper.

A number of cell phones were also detected with other students who all confessed that they had agreed with the topper that they would wait for him to finish his exam so that they get the answers sent to them on Whatsapp. All the phones were confiscated and the students were punished.

As for the student who took the picture, the school administration has cancelled his exam and considered him to have failed.

The Ministry of Education strictly forbids any smart devices and other means of communication in examination halls.