photo_1361132432766-1-0Sudan and Saudi navies launched their very first joint military exercises in the Red Sea, news agencies reported Sunday.

Sudan’s military spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad stated that the training would run until Wednesday and focus will be on anti-smuggling operations and boosting security and stability. He said that there will be two Saudi naval vessels and troops participating.

Iran had docked the naval vessels at port Sudan last October and December. The naval exercises are being conducted even after the tense relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Saad had described the Iranian port calls as a part of normal military exchanges between the states.

Israeli officials however have expressed their concern about smuggling arms through Sudan. After Khartoum accused Israel of an October 23 air strike against a military factory in the capital, Tehran’s navy visits came. This incident led to speculation that Iranian weapons were stored and manufactured there.

While Sudan’t foreign ministry denied Iran had any involvement in the plant, Israel refused all comment on Sudan’s accusation about factory blast.

Source: Yahoo