Sudanese man and married Arab woman caught while attempting to cross Saudi border

sudaneseSecurity authorities arrested a Sudanese man at the Saudi-Yemen border as he tried to sneak into Yemen with a married Arab woman from Riyadh.

Abdullah Bin Mahfoodh, spokesperson for the border security in Jazan said that border security patrol had stopped the couple at the border zone between Saudi Arabia and Yemen in order to check their documents.

The Sudanese man and the Arab woman claimed they were Saudi nationals hailing from a tribe in the region. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the duo had taken a bus from Riyadh to Jazan, all the while pretending to be married using a forged document, local newspapers quoted.

A fingerprint security check revealed that the man was a Sudanese national and that the woman was an Arab citizen who was already married and lived in the Eastern Province of Dammam.

Mr Mahfoodh added that the man claimed he was taking the woman to Yemen where he wanted to marry her.

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