Man in Saudi Arabia buying groceries at American style supermarkCustomers have been asked to double-check their supermarket bills after several shoppers found discrepancies in the prices advertised in flyers and the actual price of the products at the store.

With the start of Ramadan, many supermarkets have come up with promotions and discounts on many products. However, these lowered prices do not always reflect in the shopping receipts as products are still charged the original price.

 “You just can’t always trust the promotional flyers,” says Maha Ghassan, a regular shopper at a hypermarket. “Sometimes, the products listed in the flyer aren’t on sale at all. Many times, I find myself paying the original price of the product, even though it is listed as discounted. I have been keeping track of some of the prices of the usual items I buy from supermarkets. They are not always put on discount even though they appear to be discounted on the promotional flyer.”

After a recent trip to the store, Ghassan found out different prices for a few items. “I went back to the cashier to clarify the matter. He apologized and said it was a problem with their program and that the discounted prices were not saved,” added Ghassan.

“I’m not denying that we have problems with our pricing program, but this does not happen regularly,” says Mohamed Raza, a sales manager at a reputed supermarket in Jeddah. He said that the discrepancies creep in when the new discounted price is not updated in the store’s computer system. He added that when shoppers point out the difference in prices, the supermarket staff resolves the issue immediately.

To avoid paying more for purchases, shoppers are advised to go through their shopping bill before leaving the store.