Corruption Perception Index for 2012

According to the 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index released by Transparency International, five countries from the Middle Eastern region were listed in the top ten most corrupt countries. These countries are Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

The survey reports were based on the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International and based on local and international experts’ opinions of public sector corruption for 177 countries.

Denmark and New Zealand took the top spot as the least corrupt countries, followed by Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Other notable nations include Australia and Canada tied in ninth, Germany in the 12th position and Britain in the 14th place. The United States and Uruguay tied in 19th place. Afghanistan, North Korea, and Somalia all tied to take the spot of the most corrupt countries.

Gulf News quoted Christoph Wilcke, Transparency’s director for Middle East and North Africa, “Imagine what it takes for a country to root out corruption — it always takes institutions with people in them who have levels of integrity and a system of independent oversight. In conflict situations, all of that goes out of the window right away.”

According to Gulf News, the most violent countries in the Arab region are seen as the most corrupt nations. The situation in these countries is getting worse as political instability allows abuses to flourish.

Results of the survey suggest that corruption is seen across police, judiciary, and government procurement offices in the Middle East. “Almost all sectors entrusted with public government functions are seen as corrupt,” Wilcke added.

(Image courtesy: Wikipedia)