teacher n studentProminent members of the society in Sabia district in Jizan province sent a letter of recommendation to the Education authorities on behalf of Abdullah Kenderi, the teacher who uploaded the video of his crying student. After a video of the sobbing first grade student went viral last month, the teacher had been suspended by the Education authorities of Jazan until the end of an investigation.

On Sunday morning, a delegation consisting of a number of sheikhs and parents of the students in Al-Haijah School visited the Director of Education of the province to intervene and reconsider the teacher’s suspension. They submitted a letter to the education authorities supporting the teacher.

In the letter, it was noted that the teacher had been in the teaching profession for 19 years and that he was one of the finest teachers in the district.

Sabq news published excerpts of the letter. The letter stated that “Kenderi has taught our sons, and through them we know that the teacher is one of the best teachers. He considers the best interests of his students.”

“We assure you that the teacher is known for his good manners, and he recorded the video of the student with good intentions and had not meant to humiliate or offend the child.”

“We appeal to Your Excellency to call him (the teacher) back to school. Suspending the teacher is a big loss for the school and its students, including Mohammed Alnadjaa, the subject of the video.”

The teacher, Kenderi, along with a number of other teachers, later visited the student on Sunday evening.

teacher and student1

teacher and student2

(Images courtesy: Sabq news)