LameesLamees, the 6-year-old girl who was murder by her maid in a bid for revenge was laid to rest on Tuesday.

The father, Mohammad Al Salman paid homage to her daughter on Twitter. “This is my Lamees. I was overjoyed when she was born, carrying her around. Today, I carry her to her grave. I had never anticipated this moment. I was thinking of her as a bride,” posted the profoundly upset father, reported Gulf News.

Users of social media and microblogs expressed their support for the bereaving family. Some other, however, blamed the parents for placing their children under the care of ‘strangers’.

Many other such tragic and gruesome incidents involving domestic helpers have shaken the local and expatriate communities in the kingdom. Several teachers in the country, like Lamees’s mother, are forced to leave behind babies and young children with helpers while they are away at work.

In light of this incident, many teachers have urged the Education Ministry to open nurseries and day care services in schools.