teenager in riyadh with weapon

A Saudi teenager started randomly shooting at the ‘Romansiya’ restaurant in Riyadh near Exit 18 following  a dispute between himself and the accountant.

Half an hour after the argument, which was thought to be solved, around ten people equipped with knives, sticks and a Kalashnikov weapon turned up and started firing near the restaurant gate, restaurant owner Abu Anas related.

Afterwards, they attacked the restaurant  workers and  the accountant was left with a wound on his face and one of the waiters was stabbed on his back.

The man equipped with the weapon randomly fired 5 bullets inside the diner but thankfully no one was hurt. The men fled after causing some damages inside the restaurant.

Abu Anas called the police, who soon  appeared at the scene  and started investigations in the presence of witnesses. The injured  were taken to a hospital nearby and given  treatment.

The shocked restaurant owner told Arabic daily Sabq that never in his entire 13 years of residence in Saudi Arabia had he witnessed such an incident.