Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council member Dr. Latifah Al Shaalan becomes the first woman in the kingdom to get a public parking space under her name.

Following King Salman’s decree allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia, last September, Latifa posted on her twitter account: “When I arrived in the Shura Council this morning, I was welcomed by women with a bouquet of roses and by men who presented to me a picture of the parking space at the Council reserved for me.”

Dr. Latifah Ashaalan is a Saudi writer and Associate Professor of Psychology at Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University. She has a weekly column writing on women’s issues with al-Hayat newspaper. Ashaalan, who was one among the many women activists who campaigned to be allowed to drive, said the decision would strengthen women’s employment in the private sector.

Dr. Latifah is also one of the two female Shura Council members who called on the Ministry of Labor and Social Development last week, to use its supervisory role in the Kingdom’s private sector to close the pay gap between men and women.