Image Courtesy: Al Riyadh

Image Courtesy: Al Riyadh

Six students in an elementary school in the kingdom were killed and 11 others were injured when a car collided into the bus which was taking them home Wednesday afternoon.

The car was speeding on the Jubail highway in eastern Saudi Arabia when it crashed the bus on its left side and sliced through the body causing the deaths and injuries, reports said. The 21 students in the bus were mainly Arabs and Asians.

According to Al Sharq, the students that were killed were three Pakistani girls, one Jordanian, one Egyptian and one Indian. The injured included two Egyptians, two Filipinos, two Pakistanis, two Sri-Lankans and two Indians.

The spokesperson for the education directorate in the eastern province, Khalid Al Hammad, said that the victims were two Sudanese, one Jordanian, one Egyptian and one Pakistani that were in the nursery and elementary schools, according to Sabq news.

The families alarmed by the high road death tolls in the area called for greater traffic care in the Jubail, the largest industrial city in the Middle East, Al Riyadh daily reported.