Sixty-year-old Abdullah walks to the cemetery twice a month to visit the grave of his late wife, who died of cancer 3 years ago. With eyes full of tears, he sits there for a long time before raising his hands and praying for her.

He then talks to her and tells her about the little things that happens every day.  He laughs and cries, sharing his stories with her and the hard time he is having, in her absence.

Abdullah  cannot forget how his late wife, Fatima, went through terrible pains during  chemotherapy and had to spend long periods of time in many hospitals. His sons say his eyes well  up  with tears whenever  he is reminded of the pain that his beloved wife endured before her life came to an end.

Sixty year old Abdulla. Credit:Okaz

Sixty year old Abdulla. Credit:Okaz

Presently living  with his sons, he does not go out much, except to perform prayer at the mosque nearby.His sons say that his father  never stopped thinking about their mother. The memories they made together  have been etched on his mind.

His son says that his  father went blind as a consequence of repeatedly crying over his mother’s death. He had once told him that losing his sight didn’t  cause him as much grief as losing Fatima, his mother.

No matter what his sons and daughters do to entertain him, he cannot forget his late wife and is always  mentioning her name.

Source: saudigazette