calling cards for cleanersA group of young people in Saudi Arabia started a campaign on social networking sites in the beginning of Ramadan to distribute telephone cards to street cleaners in the kingdom.

A resident of UAE who saw the campaign online sent the group more than AED 5,000 and asked them to buy and distribute phone cards to the cleaners using the contribution, reported Al Arabiya news.

Fahad Al Moosa, the person who started the campaign said, “I got this idea a while ago after I read the Quran. Som in the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, I started the campaign.” He sent invitations on Facebook, WhatsApp, and BlackBerry for people to participate in the campaign. Soon a group of six was formed and they have distributed 30 calling cards since then.

Many young people in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia look forward to doing good deeds during the Holy month.