Jet AirwaysPassengers of a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai, India to Singapore refused to leave the plane after the flight was cancelled due to a technical problem.

More than 60 upset passengers protested when their already-delayed flight got cancelled. The flight was initially scheduled to leave Mumbai airport at 9:50 AM.

Passengers were made to wait in the plane for three hours following a technical snag. The persisting technical fault eventually forced airlines officials to cancel the flight. However, the airlines refused to arrange alternate flights to Singapore.

As a sign of protest, the passengers refused to disembark from the aircraft. The Jet Airways passengers have so far spent about eight hours in the aircraft, according to NDTV news.

Many of the flight’s passengers missed their connecting flights from Singapore, and cannot fly to Singapore as they do not have visas for Singapore. Since the stranded passengers may need around three days to get a connecting flight from Singapore, getting transit visas in the Southeast Asian country is not an option as they are valid only for 24 hours. This means that there unfortunate travellers will have to wait in Mumbai airport till they can make proper travel arrangements.

Jet Airways informed that the flight was headed to its destination, Singapore after a delay of four hours.