n-day car crashAccording to press sources, the Investigation and Prosecution Commission has announced the investigation results of the Saudi National day Hai’a car chase accident that led to the death of two brothers.

The detained members of the Commission were found guilty of chasing the vehicle and causing the accident, but have not been charged with murder, according to a report by Sabq news.

If the court is not convinced of the criminal charges against the accused, then the maximum penalty they will receive is to pay compensation to the family for causing the accident. Currently, the Investigation Commission has convicted four other members for providing misleading statements; these members later retracted their inaccurate statements.

The Investigation Commission shared their findings with the father of the deceased brothers, adding that the case will be transferred to the court for the final verdict and sentence. The accused Hai’a members are being detained in Al-Olayya police station in the capital city and may be transferred to the general prison until the end of the judicial process.