Rain in Dammam Airport1Saudi Arabia’s eastern city of Dammam was left paralyzed following heavy rains since Monday evening, and the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam was transformed into a lake after water started pouring in from parts of the ceiling in the international travel lounge, reported local media.

A number of workers were seen trying to work to stop the water from gushing out all over, while others attempted to dry off the floors in the international terminal. The rainfall has also caused a partial interruption of power supply within the airport, specifically in the car rental floor and baggage counters at the international flight departure terminal.  Sources added that a number of offices in the airport were damaged during to water logging.

Rain in Dammam Airport2

Rain in Dammam Airport3

Rain in Dammam Airport4

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Rain in Dammam Airport9

(Images courtesy: Al Arabiya)