Brazilian pilot, Captain Amalo, is making headlines in the Arab world after he took a brief break from navigating a passenger jet to convert to Islam as he flew the plane above Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

The pilot was filmed reciting the Shahadah, an important declaration that all Muslims must make, accepting the religion. Footage of the pilot taking the Islamic oath was filmed in the cockpit approximately 18,000 feet in the air, according to El Balad news.

In the video, the first pilot narrates in Arabic that they are flying over Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia and continues “My Brazilian co-pilot, Captain Amari, will be giving the Shahadah, or profession of faith”.

He then recites the Shahadah word by word and the co-pilot solemnly repeats the words, looking into the camera.

“My brother in Islam,” concludes the first pilot saying, to which the new convert replies, “My brother in Islam.”