Café in Riyadh robbed in broad daylightTwo young men robbed a coffee shop in broad daylight in a busy Riyadh neighborhood.

At the time of the robbery, one of the cafe employee was busy cleaning the counter where the cashier register was placed.

In the video, two young men in traditional Saudi attire walk in to the café and then swiftly grab the cash register before they headed out of the cafe. The stunned coffee shop employee is seen emerging from behind the counter to look what just happened in the café.

There was about SR 700 and some municipality documentation in the cash register. The shop owner, Adeeb Al-Humeidi informed Sabq news that the robbery took place at 9:40 AM on Tuesday morning while there were other customers in the shop. Humeidi said that his shop was the fourth place near the Ministry of Education in the Northern part of Riyadh that the young men robbed in a short span of two hours.

The café owner also added that to help authorities catch the robbers, he handed over to the police the video footage of the robbery captured by the café security cameras.