video-violators escapeLabor law violators in Saudi caused a big chaos yesterday morning at Al-Tewal port in Jazan as they tried to leave the kingdom illegally  without being finger printed. The video below shows hundreds of offenders attempting to escape from the border guards, south of Jazan.

Spokesman for border guards stated that they had captured more than 8000 offenders during the first 24 hours following the deadline of the amnesty period to correct their legal status.

After finger printing, it was discovered that some of these people were residing in the country illegally, some others were violating regulations and some were carrying a valid residency but were wanted by the police.

The border guards provide housing and health care for these people until their deportation process is completed. Meanwhile, about 3000 people have been deported in the last 24-hour period and another 5000 are undergoing  procedures  for finger printing and processing of deportation documents.