jazan rehabilitation centerIn a shocking video aired by MBC on Wednesday evening, video footage of medics slapping patients to get them to eat medicines and caretakers bathing patients in cold water during winter were revealed. An even more shocking clipping showed a disabled patient who was laid on the bathroom floor for a bath. It is a daily routine for the patients in the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center in Jazan to suffer the abuse and violence from the employees in the center.

The video report compiled by MBC’s reported Mahmoud Shanqeeti reveals the tragic state of patients inside the “rehabilitation” center. The host of the program, Shaddad Subaie said, “Unfortunately, the Center lacks a humane approach. How else can they mix sedatives and medicines meant for a few psychiatric patients in food for all the patients?”

According to Sabq news, the condition of the patients in the rehabilitation center has been reported to the Director of Social Affairs in Jizan, Salim al Kaaban.