Pilgrims caught cutting Kaaba threadsMany Muslim pilgrims were caught on camera pulling threads off the cover of the Holy Kaaba.

A video showing pilgrims stuffing their pockets with strands of threads from the cover of the Kaaba was uploaded on YouTube a day ago.

In the video, these pilgrims are seen pulling off strands of loose threads from the cover hoping that the threads from the cover of the Holy Kaaba will give them blessings. The people are seen pushing and shoving to take their share from the sacred place.

According to Muslim preacher Nabeel Al Awadi, even though these pilgrims are doing so with good intentions, it is a big mistake. Awadi said that people are prohibited from cutting off threads from the Kaaba’s cover, adding that it is dangerous for the cover. He also said that the cover or its threads are not blessed, instead that they get blessings from the Holy Kaaba, reported Ajel daily.