reckless driver

A video clip of a young man driving his vehicle at an extremely high speed on one of the Saudi Arabia’s highways has gone viral on Twitter.

Local papers reported that the youngster was driving his car with damaged front tyres and without the bonnet.

A citizen shot a video of the speeding vehicle and tried to keep up to the reckless daredevil’s pace by driving at 180km/hour himself. However, the speeding car was far ahead and was above the speed limit (more than 260km/hour).  The man who filmed the video presumed that the speeding driver was escaping from the police.

The zipping car finally stopped after it caught fire and turned upside down. In the video, the driver is seen screaming for help after jumping out the car. He is also seen calling his friends who appeared to be in the vehicle with him. No accident or injuries were reported.

Many social media users expressed their astonishment at the young man’s display of recklessness. They have demanded for the highest penalties for such people, in order to teach a lesson to those who put others’ lives at risk.