fly in inflight mealA flight attendant of a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight noticed a live insect in one of the in-flight meals that was supposed to be distributed to passengers.

In a video that was uploaded online on Sunday, the flight attendant is heard saying that he found a live insect moving inside a pre-packaged sandwich meal meant for the passengers of the flight.

In order to prove that the claim was not made up or that the insect was not planted by anyone with malicious intents, the flight attendant proved that the transparent plastic cover in which the sandwich was stored was well sealed. This indicated a blatant lack of care, hygiene, and cleanliness from the part of the Airlines catering department.

The video that was uploaded on YouTube received many comments, reported Akhbaar24 news. Some social media users blamed the Airlines, while others stated that it was an isolated incident and one that must not to be blown out of proportions.