surviellance picA Saudi citizen whose money was robbed from his car has offered a handsome reward for anyone who helps him get his money back, reported Akbhaar24.

After withdrawing SR 55,000 from SAB Bank on Salman Al-Farsi Road in Riyadh, the man headed to his home. He got into his car with his money in hand and headed home, but was not aware that he was being followed. He parked his car outside his house and went inside his house for a while. On his return, he discovered that the window of his car was smashed and the money was gone.

A neighbor who had come to enquire about the incident shared his video surveillance footage of the scene of the crime. The surveillance video had recorded the crime, and the thieves were visible in the footage.

The victim informed the police about the crime and the surveillance footage. The police then requested him to send the video for investigation and that the video would be considered as forensic evidence.

The Saudi national has offered a reward of SR 10,000 to anyone, including the police , who can lead him to the thieves who stole the money.