Unrest in Jordan following hike in fuel prices .REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Citizens of Saudi Arabia have been warned against attending public gatherings and universities in Jordan. Riots over fuel price hikes in the region  have left one person dead and 71 wounded, according to reports by  state news agency SPA .

Saudi employees and students in Jordan  have been warned by the the kingdom’s embassy in Amman from  going to public squares or approaching sites of gatherings and demonstrations,” SPA said .

They have also been warned from going to schools for security reasons following clashes between security forces and university  students .

Following a 53 percent increase in the price of household gas and a 12 percent rise in petrol , unrest in Jordan erupted on Tuesday night .

According to Prime Minister  of Jordan Abdullah Nsur , a  budget deficit of 3.5 billion dinars ($5 billion) has been projected this year and the increases have been made to help reduce this .