If you ever have to leave Saudi Arabia…what would you miss the most? We received more than 400 interesting comments on the post. Here are some of the best ones…


What People Said

“The pace of life”

“I miss so many things – mostly the pace of life. People taking the time to say hello and have some tea, and not being “so busy” like its a badge of honor. ”

Alison McDonald

“The food, people, lifestyle ”

“Shopping, good roads and the most important…respect they have for a woman! ”

Priyanka Sarkar

“Peace of mind”

“Just you and your family. Most important is the confidence, even with 100sr you can manage to live 2-3 days.”

Manoj Amalraj

“Makkah, Madinah “

“peaceful sleep, shawarma, kabsa, Ramadan, Taraweeh, pufak, childhood memories …”

Shireen Qazi

Wonderful Riyadh

People taking the time to say hello and have some tea, and not being “so busy” like its a badge of honor. I miss the desert, and the bustle of downtown, the smell of jasmine in the evening and the sound of the souks opening in the morning. I miss the sound of Arabic music and the anticipation of going to Janadriyah with my friends, I miss my Saudi friends teaching me to make jareesh and kabsa in their kitchen, and having dinner with family. Just a few of the things I miss about Saudi Arabia and her wonderful people. We were in Riyadh for almost 7 years, and we had a wonderful time.

Alison McDonald

Home will always be where my heart is 

I miss the peace. I miss the winters. I miss the sunshine. I miss the foooood! I miss greeting random people with “Assalamalikum”. I miss the bakala. I miss the road trips and train trips. I miss Tahlia street. I miss going to mosques. I miss Ramadan !!! I miss my school. I miss my childhood memories. I miss the park in front of my home.  I miss family !!! 😭😭😭
Literally, I miss my LIFE !!!! I miss everything. 😐

Atiya Viqar

Dubai is glittery but it will never replace my love for KSA

I miss roaming in my car in Dammam and having weekend trips to Mecca. Kabsa from Matam Bukhari, Al Baik in Mecca, Khobar Corniche, Riyadh King Fahad Road, Manfouhah and many more… Dubai is glittery but it will never replace my love for Saudi Arabia.

Abuzar Saleem

The silence, prayer call

I was only one year in KSA, and even now after one year in my country I miss the sun, silence, prayer call, the desert, everyone saying “hello”, the food, the smiling faces, the smell of flowers in the streets of Fanateer, etc. I hope in the future to visit KSA as a tourist.

Vitor Santos

 Makkah and Madinah 

Makkah and Madinah undoubtedly, I have already started missing both the sacred places. I wish I could just stay there forever.

Vitor Santos

Chicken Shawarmas

I desperately miss chicken shawarmas, my wonderful jeweler at Riyadh gold souk and high tea at Faisaliah Tower

Joanne Burgess

Jeddah Corniche

ALBAIK!! Clean roads, Shopping malls, Beautiful roundabouts, Ramadan deals, Jeddah Corniche, Fireworks, uninterrupted supply of basic necessities i.e electricity/water/gas. Shawarma & ALBAIK again. And of course visiting Makkah every other weekend and Praying Eid Namaz in Madinha..

Sumaiyah Chishti


Good Food

The peace, quiet, clean unpolluted air, good unadulterated foodstuff, pure and affordable petrol, the absence of corruption in everyday life activities, affordable and variety of cuisines, dates, safety during desert trips, good roads, ease of road travel, accessibility of Makkah + Medina etc.

Amin Hamza