Why did you kill me


I’ve heard that sound before

The sound of celebrations at the door

I wonder what is the special occasion

Has it begun-Eid celebrations?


Why that look on my parents, that worry?

Fireworks should make you happy, make you merry

I’m confused now, something is wrong

Why o why do they speak of a bomb?


My mother breaks into tears in terror

Worrying about my frail grandmother

The sound of fireworks grow louder

This is no celebration. This is horror


My mother clutches my hand tight, says a prayer

My father carries my grandmother

He shouts on the top of his lungs

Run , my dears , Run!!


My heart is now beating fast

How long will that terrible sound last

I see heavy smoke in the streets

I see people bowing on their feet

Making a prayer to almighty above

To save from death the ones they love


My heart is now beating fast

How long will that terrible sound last

 I hear a loud thunder, a shadow is cast

And then 

I am breathing

My last..


Oh why did you throw that bomb

I was a child, I could have lived long

I mean nothing to you, I know you don’t care, O leader

But I was the apple of the eye of my father, my mother


I know history books will not remember me

I know World leaders will not talk about me

But my parents , my parents still mourn me

My friends, my friends still miss me


I never did you harm

I did not know thee

Then why O leader

Why did you ..kill me ?

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