woman-confesses-killing baby-40-yrs-back

A woman walked into a police station in Jeddah to confess to the murder of her baby 40 years back.

The woman claimed she wanted to make amends with her past by confessing the murder of the baby who was not even a year old at the time.

Saudi daily Okaz  reported on Wednesday that the woman who is now in her 50’s was married off at the age of 13  and soon became pregnant.

Too young to understand  the responsibilities of a mother, she sought the advice of an acquaintance who advised her to do away with the child.

After strangling the baby, she told her family that he had died naturally;  the child was then buried in a cemetery in Jeddah.

Both the acquaintance and her husband  are no longer alive, she said. The woman insisted on being punished for her crime as her baby’s face had ever since been haunting her, she said.

Presently, the woman is remanded in police custody until her case undergoes a thorough investigation.