xray technicianAn X-Ray technician who pretended  to be a pediatrician at one of  the public health centres in Riyadh examined a number of children and prescribed treatments that almost caused the death of one of them.

Saudi citizen, Abu Yaser Faheed Al-Qahtani told Arabic daily Sabq that he had taken his  11-month old child to a 24-hour Health Center in Riyadh, past midnight to seek treatment for fever.

When he asked two Saudi men who were smoking inside the hospital about the availability of a doctor, one of them claimed that he himself was the doctor. The man then examined the baby and diagnosed him with stomach flu. When  the mother told him that the baby was not vomiting and had no diarrhoea, the so called doctor got offended and asked the mother to take the prescription and leave.

The parents gave their child the prescribed medicines that included an antibiotic and an antipyretic (Fevadol).  24 hours later, the baby started having seizures and running a very high temperature. They then took the child to another health center near to their home in Riyadh where the doctor diagnosed the child with acute inflammation of  the lungs.

The doctor had the child transferred  to King Khaled Al Jamea Hospital for treatment where he was given three shots of antibiotics daily.

Al Qahtani approached the manager of the first health center and enquired about the  pediatrician but to his shock and surprise, was told that  there weren’t any Saudi pediatricians at the Center. However, one of pharmacists recognized the writing on the prescription as  that of the X -Ray technician at the facility.

Al-Qahtani called the technician with the phone number that was given him by  the manager and the technician admitted to  his misbehaviour. A pharmacist at the center claimed that this technician had examined more than 6 children prior to this.

The father of the child  said he that he was not looking for compensation but demanded that the Ministry of Health launch an investigation and take strict action against the technician so that such incidents may not be repeated in future.