A 19-year-old medical student Nouf Al-Amoudi has launched a campaign to convince Saudi women accept their husbands’ marriage to other women.

Al-Amoudi believes that as long as the husband deals justly with all his wives in every aspect then he should marry several times.

According to Al-Watan daily, Al-Amoudi’s call for polygamy is basically to solve the issue of spinsterhood in the society.

Studies show that the percentage of females exceed the males in the society, and if the men do not marry spinsters, it will be very difficult for them to find a good husband.

Al-Amoudi has received negative criticism for her campaign, but she believes that all those women who are against it are gripped in their emotions. She said women should think rationally about the issue instead of completely rejecting it.

However, there were some women who are in favor of the campaign and are whole-heartedly supporting it.

“I think multiple marriage of a man is the perfect solution to help unmarried women. However, some women refuse multiple marriage and prefer “Misyar marriage” which I consider insulting,” said Al-Amoudi.

Source: Saudi Gazette