Medical-Negligence-LawA 19-year-old woman who was hospitalized in Makkah after experiencing labor pains died after being repeatedly subjected to surgeries, according Sabq news.

The woman was admitted in a private hospital where she delivered a baby boy via Cesarean-section.  She underwent another surgery the next day after suffering heavy bleeding. During the procedure, the source of the bleed was identified in the spleen, which a consultant surgeon repaired. The woman was discharged after 11 days in the hospital.

Once back at home, the new mother was troubled by extreme pain. This time, her husband took her to a public maternity hospital in Makkah; from there the woman was immediately transferred to Al Noor Hospital.

The doctors at Al Noor hospital were shocked by the manner in which her surgeries were performed. They performed an emergency surgery to rectify a life-threatening inflammation in the woman’s abdomen. The next day, the doctors performed yet another surgery on the woman to remove her spleen, which was not functioning properly. The day after the splenectomy, the woman passed away.

The husband has sued the private hospital in which his wife was first admitted for negligence and mal-practice. The husband was later shocked learning that the consultant surgeon who operated on his wife’s spleen was, in fact, an ENT specialist. Fawaz Al-Sheikh, spokesman for Health Affairs in Mecca said that the complaint was referred to the Medical Violation Committee who will form a team to investigate the issue.